8 Reasons To Buy a Nomadik® Stretch Tent

With stretch tent demand growing so quickly, more and more companies are looking to buy stretch tents. Consequently, more stretch tent suppliers are appearing to service this market.

As with most products, not all stretch tents are of equal quality – or come with the same levels of after-sales service.

Here’s why Nomadik® remains the first choice when you want to buy a stretch tent.

  • We originated the stretch tent concept. And we are the best known and biggest stretch tent brand in the world. We have set all industry standards and continuously strive to improve every aspect of our stretch tent and the services we offer to support them.
  • Our specially developed Nomadik® stretch tent fabric is exclusive to us and not commercially available. It is patented, made under licence and cannot be purchased or copied. This sets us apart from most competitors who have inferior products that simply cannot compete.
  • We guarantee our stretch tent fabric quality. We have the highest tensile strengths with welded seams. Our stretch tents have superior fabric memory with excellent stretch and recovery properties. These are unsurpassed by any other product on the market.
  • We have a premium quality stretch tent product. This is the result of our past 10 years of stretch tent fabric research and development. It has given us a reputation as the distinct leaders in the marketplace.
  • We fully understand the stringent demands in the stretch tent industry and have developed products to meet them.
  • Our research and stretch tent development has been in conjunction with specialist chemical and fabric structural engineers, knitters, and scientists around the world.
  • The greatest care goes into manufacturing a Nomadik® stretch tent. All our seams are heat welded with a special fabric welding machine – unlike competitors who only stitch tent seams, thus creating holes and leaks. Our welded seams are all guaranteed to ensure that your tent is waterproof and durable.
  • All manufacturing, research & development, conception, design, prototyping, testing and quality control take place in our factory in Gauteng. We have both ample skill and knowledge – ensuring all our clients a superior product and the peace of mind that goes with it.
Graydon Ilderton
Graydon Ilderton is the founder and owner of Nomadik Tents. He commercialised the stretch tent concept in South Africa 15 years ago and has since taken it to the rest of the world. An entrepreneur, pioneer and family man.

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