We are a South African based stretch tent manufacturer and supplier of the original all weather stretch tent product. We carry a large stock of tents and equipment in Europe with distribution hubs in The Hague, United Kingdom and Spain, bringing us close to the market and easily accessible to our customer. We are dedicated to assisting start up businesses wanting to invest in our product and exisiting businesses who already own stretch tents. We provide our clients with expert rigging staff to assist and train in all tent rigging techniques to make them compliant. Our factory incorporates the latest high-tech manufacturing technologies available and we focus on producing a quality product exceeding global benchmarks.

Our services include the sale of new and used stretch tents, rentalscustom-designed stretch tents, rigging equipment, expert Nomadik staff for tent rigging training and global after-sales services with tents and stock immediately available in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Proudly South African

Exclusive fabric supply
Internationally Compliant Factory
Manufacturing capacity 12000m2 per month
Proudly South African.

International Distribution

Same day deliveries of new tents
Supplied to Europe and the United Kingdom
Rigging Training and after sales support worldwide
Internationally compliant to safety standard ENS17382


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