Nomadik® Stretch Tent Repairs & Maintenance

We offer stretch tent repair services to all our clients. These are undertaken at any of our branches nationally. If your stretch tent is damaged, all you need do is bring it to one of our depots. Our staff will assess the damage and repair it – either while you wait or within 24 hours.

We also offer a general stretch tent preventative maintenance inspection schedule. We check your stretch tent and repair any minor faults to an acceptable standard. This ensures that you do not risk your tent being damaged if a lug comes loose or breaks off while the tent is erected.

Our quick turnaround times for stretch tent repairs ensures that you don’t lose any business while waiting for your tent to be repaired.

Graydon Ilderton
Graydon Ilderton is the founder and owner of Nomadik Tents. He commercialised the stretch tent concept in South Africa 15 years ago and has since taken it to the rest of the world. An entrepreneur, pioneer and family man.

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