Nomadik® Stretch Tent Services – Stretch Tent Washing Overview

Nomadik® Stretch Tents has invested in a state-of-the-art stretch tent washing facility. This allows us to support our stretch tent hire and sales services with a comprehensive stretch tent washing service. We offer this to those who have bought our stretch tents and those who own stretch tents that they have bought elsewhere.

Features of the Nomadik® stretch tent washing depot

Our stretch tent washing depot has been custom-built to allow us to offer a superior washing service.

We have a perfectly manicured lawn, measuring 50m x 100m, on which we lay out each stretch tent for a pre-wash inspection. This inspection reveals the nature of the stains, which we compile into a pre-wash report.

We have invested in a concrete bath with the capacity to hold around 800 square metres of stretch tent fabric. This is where the main wash takes place.

From there we move the stretch tent to a smooth concrete slab with steel lugs fitted along each side. The wet tent is erected and we conduct an inspection. Any tougher stains that are not removed in the first wash are given a special cleaning treatment.

Tents are stored before and after washing in a secure and dry warehouse with customised racking.

Graydon Ilderton
Graydon Ilderton is the founder and owner of Nomadik Tents. He commercialised the stretch tent concept in South Africa 15 years ago and has since taken it to the rest of the world. An entrepreneur, pioneer and family man.

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