Why Buy a Nomadik® Stretch Tent?

We never compromise quality. When you buy a Nomadik stretch tent you are buying more than a structure. We guarantee high quality products and we back this up by accessible friendly and professional after sales services. Our brand is synonymous with quality and experience and we are determined to assist with all your tent requirements.  Investing in the Nomadik brand allows you access to 15 years experience and our uncompromising support fast tracks the establishment of your own stretch tent business within a short time frame.

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International Fire Standards

Our products conform to international Fire Standards, French M2, British BS 7387, German B1 and USA CFM standards.

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Safety Standard Certification

Our products comply to European Safety Standard ENS 13782 for temporary outdoor structures and we provide Tentbooks with each tent purchase.

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  • 5 year seam and panel joins
  • 5 year waterproof warranty
  • 1 year workmanship warranty
  • Estimated lifespan 5 – 9 years


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