Why Use Nomadik® Stretch Tent Services?

By choosing Nomadik® Stretch Tent washing services you’re assured of a completely professional wash by experts in the field. Our purpose-built stretch tent washing depot provides an optimal washing environment, allowing us to offer our clients an all in 1 stretch tent service complemented by state-of-the-art equipment and stain removal solutions.

DIY – Stretch Tent Washing

Open the stretch tent bag, lay it out and peg the corners down. Then pour soap and spray water onto it – scrub it, rinse it and scrub it again to clean stubborn stains – and rinse it once more. After this process, erect the tent, check for marks and stains and leave it to dry. If the tent is suitably clean ensure that it is 100 percent dry before packing it back in its bag.

Introducing Nomadik® tent washing services to your business operation can dramatically reduce your labour costs, improve your customer service and prolong the life of your stretch tents. So you can just focus on your core business: stretch tent hire.

Graydon Ilderton
Graydon Ilderton is the founder and owner of Nomadik Tents. He commercialised the stretch tent concept in South Africa 15 years ago and has since taken it to the rest of the world. An entrepreneur, pioneer and family man.

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