A Leader in Stretch Tent Manufacture

Determined to produce world class stretch tents that meet global standards, we invest in cutting edge welding technologies and a world class custom built production facility to ensure that we deliver a technologically advanced product into the market that supersedes similar products while offering extended lifespans and product warranties.

Today, with imported machines operated by highly skilled technicians, we deliver a product superior in many ways. Our sonic welding technologies replace traditional stitching methods that remove any possible weak points when under tension. The result is that we confidently offer an engineeringly sound product to give our clients peace of mind and satisfaction of owning the best possible product backed by extended warranties and piece of mind.


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 Ultrasonic welding/bonding 

Seam and panel join welding technique

 Seam strength testing 

Strength testing @ 1450 Newton metres (6,5 bar)

 High Frequency corner and lug welding 

Tent corners and side lug attachment welding technique

We do not compromise on quality. We only use cutting edge Ultrasonic welding technologies to manufacture our tents

Nomadik tent products are not stitched and do not leak or compromise seam strength

Our Seam Tensile strength is rated @ 1450 Newton metres and we proudly offer a 5 year seam and panel join warranty

Ultrasonic seam welding technology is unique to Nomadik® Tents setting us far apart from our competitors

All our machines are compliant to EU standards for zero emissions, noise and clean energy

Product Information and Tent Warranties

Fire Resistant Standards

Fire rated to international standards for the UK, Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Spain and the USA. Engineering tent books available for certain sizes.

Cleaning & Repairing

Cleaned with a soft brush and gentle detergents. Tents can be patched without compromising waterproofing.

Available Colours

White Translucent, White Black-out, Chino (Beige), Platinum, Taupe, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Pink and Black. * Custom colours are available on both sides (minimum order of 1000l/m).

100% Waterproof

5 year waterproof warranties on tents and seams. Our polymeric waterproof coating with welded and double-taped seams delivers durability, strength and a 100% waterproof tent guaranteed.

Anti-microbial & Teflon Treated with UV Stabilisers

For added longevity – repels dirt and water, inhibits the growth of mould and mildew, and reduces fade and sun damage.

Safety Standards
Safety Standards

Our tents confirm to EU Safety Standard ENS 13782 for temporary outdoor structures

Our factory is audited in line with section 35 of the Machinery and Occupational Safety Act, Act 6 of 1983 and the regulations contained in the Schedule 1526.


Our new head office and production facilities in South Africa include a custom built energy efficient factory with a 2400 sqm production area with an average monthly tent production of 12,000 square metres.
We are the first stretch tent company to offer Ultrasonic and high tech welding technologies capable of bonding tents at 8 metres per minute with a seam strength of 1450 Newton metres.
The investment in high tech ultrasonic bonding technology retains our leading position in stretch tent manufacture.


Our commitment to raising manufacturing standards and creating sustainable employment opportunities, led us to develop our own in-house training programme. Skills transfer initiatives not only serve the job creation market, but ensures we have a constant pool of highly skilled professionally trained manufacturing staff working with us at all times.
Our teams continuously undergo stringent skills and quality assessment audits and must comply with strict internal quality control measures to ensure the highest quality standards are never compromised.

Quality can never be compromised and our teams are rewarded to meet the highest performance standards that we expect to deliver consistently to our customers.

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